About Ula

We are happy that you have come to visit us!

Our business really began in a high mountain valley in the South Island of New Zealand more than 15 years ago, & since then we've opened four amazing & fun stores. It all began when we threw the doors open wide at the very first Ula store in Alexandra, Central Otago, in the Summer of 2001. Now you can walk into an Ula store in four of the top tourist towns & villages in New Zealand's South Island, and find clothing lines for both men & women that are definitely something a little bit different but with an unmistakably kiwi angle.

If you're like us, you want to really love what you wear. We like something a little bit different; we love great cuts and cool internationally-inspired prints but it has to be wearable, comfortable & relevant to our lifestyle in NZ.

We're a family business that deals mainly with other family businesses, both here in NZ & around the world.

We directly import, & handpick all products and garments sold in the stores, alongside our own distinctive 'Ula brand' ranges. We have a hand in the design of much of our stock and customers say they love the flair, originality, the great use of fabrics and our prints and sense of colour.

We also love to live & work in inspiring places and we always enjoy it when you guys arrive from your home town and stop for a while in one of the awesome locations where we are based.

Ula's really grown up with a great following of some really awesome people, ...from our early years in Alexandra in our tiny shop (with the big sofa , instead of a counter) and the really loud music that we thought Neil & Jenny from the Cobblestone cafe next door were going to shout at us about, on our first day of business... but they never did!! Thanks Neil & Jenny.

Our customers tell us we're unmistakably a New Zealand store but definitely apart from the ordinary. After 12 years of Ula stores , we still really love what we're doing. We're still a family-run business and we're still having loads of fun doing it all!

So thanks guys! here, at long last, is the Ula online store you've been asking us for!

So, thanks for having us at your place.


Welcome to Ula online! Have a browse thru the racks & see if there's anything you'd like to put in your shopping bag...


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