What are Ula size-fittings like?

Ula's aim has always been to make clothes to fit New Zealand body shapes and we cut all our garments with this in mind. Our sizes are a good New Zealand fit and a bit on the generous side.

These days when you go into a store, it’s hard to know which size you're going to need at that particular shop and size can vary from brand to brand, so we've included sizing notes with each garment in the Online Store.

Size can vary from brand to brand, so we've included sizing notes with each garment in the Online Shop. Our sizing guide has more on this.

If you’re still unsure which size is for you, please contact us before making your order, and we will do our best to get the right size for you first time around.

What does "Ula' mean?

Well, you’re barking up the right tree.

"ula " isn't a word from this land of the long white cloud. Our name does mean "the highest of all mountains - next to the heavens".

We chose it because our business all began really, nearly 15 years ago now, in one of the highest mountain valleys in the South Island where we're from...

...and since we opened the very first of the Ula stores in 2001, our customers from here in NZ and all around the world have told us many other meanings of our name. Ones that come from their own cultures of origin.

Turns out "Ula" means something pretty great in many of the worlds’ languages! So it can be from 'a surprise','a jewel','necklace' ....to 'the first one ', or 'the highest level - next to the heavens'

Kind of a cool coincidence, and something we really like.

What do you do with my personal details?

Ula does not share your information with any other party.

Are my credit card details safe?

We use a DPS secure processor through Payment Express, one of NZ's biggest and most secure credit card payment platforms.

Ula does not see, or store your credit card information.

How do I shop online?

To purchase products from the Ula online store, simply select the item you want, choose the size, colour & quantity and click on the "Add to cart" button.

How do I use the Shopping cart?

It’s pretty much just the same as using a real shopping cart and pushing it around a retail store! All the items in your shopping cart are stored there, & will stay there until you either decide to purchase or to remove anything.

You can alter the quantity, remove or add items to your cart at any time. If you want to add more items to your cart, or just keep browsing thru the website simply click on the "Continue shopping" button. If you want to remove an item just click "Remove", or you can choose to click "Move to wish list" which allows you to keep that item aside for a period of time, so you can have a think about it.

You can either choose to add an item on your wish list to your cart at any time, or you can just keep it there for up to 30 days.

Of course as our stock is always changing at the Ula stores as we get lots of new things into the shop, it is always possible that the item you liked may be out of stock if you leave it too long!

To view the contents of your cart at any time, click on the little Shopping cart icon in the top right hand corner of the page. When you're ready to purchase your item(s), just click on the "Checkout" button. Our checkout process is fast, easy and secure.

Once you've placed your order, we will send you confirmation by email, when we have processed and shipped your order.

Why should I register?

You can at any time choose to register; this just makes things faster and easier for future shopping.
What payment options can I use?

In the online Ula store you can pay with Visa and MasterCard. We can also accept payment via NZ internet banking, if you’d prefer. Please Contact us if you'd like to use internet banking, & we will send you our bank account details.

What if I've entered the wrong address details for my Order? 

As long as your order hasn't already been shipped, we can fix that for you! If you need to change the address you want your order sent to, phone us or email us via our Contact page as soon as possible, and as long as your order hasn't been shipped we can simply change those details for you. But we can only do this, if your order has not been shipped already!

You just have to let us know your Order number and the correct address information.

What if I want to buy something cool I've seen in one of the Ula stores, but I can’t find it in the online store?

We're glad you've visited one of our great retail stores! The Ula Online store began in winter 2013 with some of our awesome clothing, jewellery & gift lines, and more items will be added all the time. Please check back regularly to see new products in the store.

It's not possible to show all of our products, as one of our great points of difference is that we stock lots of unique items, and many of our garments and gifts are made especially just for us. This means our products are often changing; and designs, prints and colours are often only ever produced in small runs, just for the four Ula shops only.

If there’s something you've seen in one of our stores that you've fallen in love with, and wished you'd gotten, or if you just want more of an item you've got from us before; email us via our Contact page or phone one of the stores and talk to our friendly team. We'll do our best to find the item you want at one of our stores if we have it.

How do I care for my Garment? 

Unless otherwise stated we recommend it best to wash garments on a cool or cold wash setting, using a non-bleach washing powder. Carefully following these instructions will help your clothes look good for longer, & it’s better for the environment too!

Garments with hand-embroidering, or other hand worked detail, should be turned inside out and washed gently.

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